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Which of the following factors in an ecosystem is biotic?insects
Two abiotic factors that effect an ecosystem aresoil and water
Which of the following is an ecosystem?forest
Which of the following is a biome?grassland
How is a biome different from an ecosystem?A biome is made up of similar ecosystems.
Two examples of decomposers arefungi and bacteria
A caterpiller eats a leaf, and a bird eats the caterpiller. In this interaction, the bird is asecondary consumer
How is a food web model different from a food chain?In a web, energy may move to many organisms from one.
What does the x axis show?time of day
Which statement stlls what the graph shows?Students arriving increases, then decreases.
A __________ is made up of many similar ecosystems worldwide.biome
Evergreens are __________ treesconiferous
__________ occurs where rivers meet the ocean.estuaries
__________ can be very hot or very cold, but they are alwaus dry.deserts
__________ form a transition zone between deserts and forestsgrasslands
__________ trees drop their leaves before winter comesdeciduous
__________ forest contain many deciduous treestemperate
The biome that recives the most rain fall is the ___________ forest.tropical
Winters are even colder and longer in the __________ than in the taiga biome.tundra
__________ biomes include coastal, open, and deep ocean regions.marine
The beach is a seagull's ___________.habitat
Organisms whose offspring can breed are part of the same ___________species
Frogs, fish, water striders, and reeds all live in the same pond and interact with one another. They are a part of the same___________community
All of the redwing blackbirds that live in Belle Marsh make up that marsh's redwing blackbird __________.population
A bird gathers twigs and grasses to make its nest. The bird eats insects and is eaten by cats. These actions describe the bird's __________.niche
Vultures and hyenas feeding on the same dead animal is an example of __________.competition
Two orginisms of different species living together in a close relationship is called __________.symbiosis
A tick sucking a dog's blood is an example of __________.parasitism
Fish hiding within a jellyfish's tentacles for protection is an example of __________.commensalism
Lions hunting together is an example of __________.cooperation
Aphids make a sweet substance that ants eat. The ants protect the aphids. This is an example of __________.mutualism

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