Science Q4 T3

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Question Answer
Ecologythe study of how living things interact
sunlightthe source of energy for almost all life on Earth
A treean example of a b iotic factor in a forest ecosystem
living things & the physical environmentwhat an ecosystem is made up of
carbon cyclewhen a plant uses a gas from the air to make sugar during photosynthesis
producersthe bottom level of an energy pyramid
frogan example of a consumer in a pond ecosystem
pure nitrogen in the aircan't be taken up and used by plants
open oceanwhich aquatic biome is a whale feeding on plankton
nutrientsanimals can't grow without this
sunlightplants need this to make sugars
waterexample of matter
enviromentthe natural world that surrounds an organism is its:
different parts interacting to form a wholebest describes a system
combustiona way that carbon enters the atmosphere
photosynthesisa way carbon is REMOVED from the atmosphere
Air and sunlight2 biotic factors

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