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Specialized cell work together to form a tissu.
Tissus work together to form organs.
Organs work together to form organ systems.
An organ system is organs that work together to help do one or many fonctions needed for body survival.
Organ systems work together to make organisms.


Question Answer
There are 11 systems in the bodycirculatory, respiratory, excretory, lymphatic, digestive, squelletal, nerve, endocrinien, muscular, reproductive and integumentary (tegumentaire).
the 4 main types of animal tissu isconnective (conjunctif). muscular, nervous and epithelial (épithélial).
the 3 main types of plant tissu isprotecters, conductive, and photosynthesis.

Each main type of tissu does

Question Answer
connectiveholds and connects different parts of the body
muscular tissuscontract and expand to move the body
epithelialcouvers your body
nervestransmites and receives signals


Question Answer
protectionprotects the plant from outside forces
conducterit conducts the water around the plant so the cells can live
photosynthesistissu makes energy with sunlight

This is what the 11 systems do

Question Answer
circulatorytransports food gasses and vitamins in the body
respiratoryallows oxygen to go in and carbon dioxyde to exit
excretorygets rid of junk
lymphaticprotects your body from sicknesses
digestivedigests food to get either junk or nutriments
squelletalhelps hold the body
nerval systemnerve cells that work together
endocrinienmakes hormones
muscularmoves the body
reproductiveformes the offspring or baby human
integumentary (tegumentaire)covers body



Question Answer
tissuspecialized cells that work together
organtissus that work together
systemorgans that work together
organismsystems that work together

example of tissu and organ and explain why they are different


blood: transportes oxygen and removes carbon dioxyde
lungs: receives oxygen and takes carbon dioxyde out the system

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