Science Lesson 1 Vocab

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Question Answer
cellA living organism that is microscopic
microscopicsomething that is small that we can not look with our eye
organismliving thing
cell membraneA part of a cell that protect it
nucleusA boss of a cell
cytoplasmchemical that keep cell healty
protistorganism that have single cell in the water
tissuething that make our body
organ systemfor example makes up your digestive system
digestive systemA system that break food into feces
circulatory systemA system that made our blood flow
respiratory systemA system tht take out cabondioxied and bring oxygen
skeleton systempart of your body that makes you unbendable and it is
muscular systempart that made us move
nervous systemthing that are sudderound our body and tell the brain
excretory systemA system that made us pee

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