Science- Energy Quiz

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What is energy?energy is the ability to cause change and do work; Energy cna change the temperature, shape, speed, or direction of an object
Forms of energy2 categories: Kinetic and Potential; forms- light, heat, sound, motion
Kinetic energyexists whenever an object is in motion with some velocity. ( moving objects); depends on mass and speed of and object
Potential energyNOT energy that comes from motion; Comes from position or condition; raising an object gives it the ability to fall; 2 types
2 types of POTENTIAL ENERGYstored: energy stores in food, muscles, fat, fuel, sun & batteries; Position/ Condition: on the ground, about to move
Electrical energythe amount of electrical charges; Everything is made of atoms; applying force= some electrons move; charges moving through wire is called electricity
Radiant energyelectromagnetic energy traveling in transverse waves; Includes visible light, x-rays, gamma rays, and radio waves; EX. light and solar energy
Thermal energyAKA heat; the internal energy in substances; vibration+movement of atoms and molecules within substances; EX. Geo- thermal energy
Sound energythe movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves<))))); produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate--- the energy is transferred through the substance in a wave
Chemical energystored in the bonds of atoms and molecules; energy that holds these particles together; Biomass, petroleum, natural gas, and propane
Elastic ( mechanical )energystored in objects by the application of force; EX. compressed springs
Nuclear energy stored in the nucleus of an atom-- energy that holds the nucleus together; can be released when nuclei are combined or split apart
Gravitational energyenergy of position or place
Law of Conservation of energyenergy is neither created nor destroyed; when we use energy, it doesn't disappear.. change from one form to another
Energy transformationfrom one form to another; no energy is lost or gained
Energy transferpassing of energy from one object to another
Photosynthesiscarbon dioxide + water+ energy from sunlight ---> Glucose + Oxygen
Cellular ResperationGlucose + Oxygen ---> Carbon dioxide + water + ATP
Energy CalculationsS.I. unit for energy is Joules, J. Kinetic Energy= 1/2 mass X velocity^2