Science chapter2 vocabulary

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Question Answer
classificationto grouping similar things together
kingdoma big group of a animal world
speciesa smallest group of a animal
fungia mushroom group most fungi are many celled cant find their own food
protistsa group of protist mostly one celled some make some dont
plantsa group of plant many celled can own their food
animalsa animal group many celled cant find their own food
bacteriaa group of bacteria no nuclues one celled some make food some dont
vertibrateanimals that have back bone
invertibrateanimals that dont have back bone
amphibaian vertibratelive on land lay eggs in water kung bok kung nam
reptiles vertibratescaly skin sat liey klan
fish vertibratehave gills observe oxygen live in water pla
birds vertibratehave feather some canfly some dont feather help warm nok
mammals vertibratehave hair sat lieng look doay nom
athropods invertibratecrustacien insect arachids
echinoderms invertibratesea stars sand dollars
sponges invertibratesoft body
mullusk invertibrateoctopus squid
worm invertibratenhon toa pen pong pong