Science Chapter1 vocabulary

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Question Answer
Cellbasic unit of struture and function in living thing
microsopicthings that can be seen by microscope
organismany living thing
cell membraneouter covering of cell,control what go in and out
nucleusdirect all the cell's activities including reproduction
cytoplasmjellylike materials that contain chemical that help the cell became healthy
protistsimple organism,usually a single cell.Plant like and amimal like
tissuecell that work together to perform a certain function
organ systemorgan that work together to do a job.
digestive systemsystem that break food down.
circulatory systemsystem that madeup of blood,blood vessles,heart
respiratory systemsystemthat have groupof organ working to exchange O2 andCO2
skeletal systemsystem that include mainly bone and protect organ.
muscular systemsystem that include muscle and tendon
nervous systemsystem that direct other systems,include nerve
excetory systemsystem that remove waste like ammonia from our body
organellesstruture in cell that keep he cell alive.

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