Science chapter 3

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Section 1

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Non-vascular plants don't have true roots
Vascular tissue supports and carried foods and waters
Xylemcarried water and the nutrients
Phloemcarried food from leaves
Photosynthesis uses light, carbon dioxide, and water to make sugar
epidermis protects the leaf from damage

Section 2

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Saprophyte generationthe plants from spores
Sporessingle cell can be carried to a new location
Gametophyte generationthe plants form gametes, male and female
Spermsmales gamete
zygotegametes join to form a cell
Fertilizationeggs grows into a sporophyte
Sorithe clusters
Gymnosperm a plant that produces naked seeds
Pollen contain sperm
Ovules grow on the scales
angiosperm protected by a fruit
germinate sprout
Cotyledons around the embryo

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