Science Chapter 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
ClassificationPut similar things together
Kingdoms Large groups of animals
Phylummajor groups within kingdoms
Classesphylum divide
OrdersClasses divide
FamiliesOrders divide
Genus subdivision of a family
Species Unique kind of organism
Vascular tissue carry water and foods
Non flowering plant make seeds in cones

Section 2

Question Answer
Vertebrate Animals with backbone
MammalsHave hair and make milk for their young
Birds Have feather, keep them warm and most help them fly
reptiles have scaly skin and lay eggs on land
Amphibians begin life on water when adult live on land
fishes have scales and live entire life in water
Invertebrate Animals without backbone
Mollusks soft-bodied animals
Echinoderms have different shapes and most has a multiple of five
Arthropods jointed legs and have two or more body parts
Crustaceans have claws and have antennae on their heads
Insects have six legs and three body parts
arachnids have eight legs and two body parts

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