Science Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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claasificationgrouping smilar things
kingdomsway scienctist group organism
fungimany cell organism,absorb food from remain of other organism
bacteriano nucleus,one cell some are good some are bad
protist one cell plant like and animal like
phylumsmall group than kingdom.Ex.: animal->vertebrate
classsmall than phylum vitebrate->mammals
ordersmall than class mammals->4 legged
familysmall than order 4legged->relative with tigers
genussmall than family relative with tigers->Felis
speciessmall than genus Felis->housecat
vascular plantplant with transport tube
nonvascular plantplant with no transport tube
coniferousplant that reproduce with cone
vertebrateanimal with backbone
mammalshave hair, give birth
birdhave feather, lay eggs,some can fly
reptilesscaly skin, most lay eggs on land
amphibianwhen they are young they stay in water.When they are an adult they stay on land.
fishbreathe by gils, have scales ,live in the water.
invertebrateanimal without backbone.
molluskssoft bodied animal like squid and snail.
echinodermsmost have 5 body parts
arthropodshave skeleton made from hard materials
crustaceanstypes of artropods ,like crabs
insecttypes of artropods like bee
arachindseight legs like mites
struture form of body
functionwhat structure does.

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