Science Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
classificationGrouping similar living thing together.
kingdomThe largest group of the classification
speciesA unique type of a specific living thing.
vertebrateAny living thing with a backbone.
invertebrateMulti cell living thing with no backbone.
structure A form of a body part
functionWhat a structures purpose or what it does.

Section 2

Question Answer
arthopodsAny invertabrate with more than 4 legs.
molluskA group of shelled invertebrate.
wormsA group of snake like no eyes creature and an invertebrate.
arachnid A group with more than 6 legs.
crustaceansClawed invertebrate.
echidnodermCreatures with more than 5 body segments.
insectsA group of 3 body segmented creatures.

Section 3

Question Answer
mammalsA furry warm blooded and give birth to live young creatures.
reptilesA group of cold blooded scaly egg laying creatures.
amphibiansA group of smooth and slimy creatures and spent half life on water.
birdsA group of feathered warm blooded egg laying creatures.
fishUnder water creatures eith gills and scales also egglaying and cold blooded creatures.

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