Science chapter 1 vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellthe thing that the living thing built on
microscopiconly seen by microscope
organismliving thing
cell membranethin layer that protect cell
nucleusbrain of cells
cytoplasmjelly that help cells healthy
protistsimple 1 cells with nucleus
tissuegroup of cells perform the certain job

Section 2

Question Answer
organ some kind of tissue that work in same job
organ systemorgan do that do the job in body
digestive systemlet the bad thing (poop) in our body
circulatatory systemmade up from heart,blood vessels,blood
respiratory systemexchange the o2 and co2
skeletal systeminclude bone and protect your organs
muscular systeminclude muscle and tendon to move bones
nervous systemmake you react and our sense
excretory systemlet urine (pee) off our body

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