Science Chapter 1 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellthe basic unit of structure and function in living things
microscopicthings that can only be seen using a microscope
organisma living thing
cell membranea thin covering that surrounded the cell
nucleusthe brain in a cell that direct all of the cell to do something
cytoplasma jellylike material located between the cell membrane and the nucleus
protistan one-celled organism with a nucleus and organelles
tissuea group of cells that perform a certain job
organseverals kind of tissue working together for the same job
organ systemorgans that work together to do a job for the body

Section 2

Question Answer
digestive systemthe system that breaks down food into chemical nutrients
circulatory systemthe system that mainly uses blood to transport oxygen, nutrients, and wastes through the body
respiratory systemthe system that exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide between your body and the environment
skeletal systemthe system that help protect our organs
muscular systemthe system that uses our muscles and tendons to move bones
nervous systemthe system that enables you to sense your environment and to react to it
excretory systemthe system that remove wastes out of the body

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