Science Chapter 1 Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellthe basic unit of structure and function in living things
microscopicthese things can be seen only with a microscope
organismany living thing that maintains vital life process
organelleparts of a cell
cell membranea thin covering around every cell
cell walla thick wall that helps support a plant cell
nucleusan organelle that directs all the others
chromosomesthreadlike structures that contain information about the characteristics of the cell
cytoplasm a jellylike material in the middle of the cell membrane and the nucleus
mitochondriathe "powerhouses" of a cell
vacoulean organelle that stores water , nutrients, or waste materials
chloroplastan organelle that makes food for plant cells
bacteriaa single-celled organism that has no nucleus
protista simple organism, usually a single cell, with a nucleus and organelles

Section 2

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tissuecells that work together to perform a certain function
epethelial tissuea tissue that lines your internal organs
muscle tissuea soft tissue that composes muscles in an organism's bodies
connective tissue: a tissue that includes tendons and ligaments
Question Answer
nervous tissuea tissue that "tell" muscles when to contract
organseveral kinds of tissue working together for the same function
organ system
digestive system
small intestine