Science chapter 1 lesson 2

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Question Answer
TissueCells that work together to perform a certain function form
Epithelial tissueLines your internal organs
Muscle tissueContracts and relaxes to move your skeleton
Connective tissueMade of Bones and catilage of your skeleton
Nervous tissue"Tell" muscles when to contract found in brain, spinal cord and nerves
OrganSeveral kinds of tissue working together for the same function
Plasmaliquid part of blood
Organ systemOrgans that work together to do a job for the body
Digestive systemBreaks food down into chemical nutrients that body cells need for energy growth and repair
EsophagusLong tube that leads to the stomach
Small intestineStomach, partly digested food
Villismall intestine line with finger-like bumps
Perstalsiswavelike contractionof musclesin the organ of the digestive system

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