Science- Ch. 6 Vocabulary

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extinction The permanent disapearence of a species
mass extinctionOne of several periods of Earth's history when large numbers of species went extinct at nearly the same time
Evolutionthe process through which species change over time;can refer to the changes in a particular population or to the formation and extinction of species over the course of Earth's history
Natural SelectionThe process through which members of a species that are best suited to their environment survive and reproduce at a higher rate than other members of the species
PopulationA group of organisms of the same species that live in the same area.
Genetic VariationDifference in DNA in a poplation
AdaptionAn inherited trait that makes a species able to survive and reproduce in a particular environment
Environmental FactorsConditions that affect survival such as the food supply, predators, and disease
Speciationthe evolution of a new species from an existing epecies
ImmigrationIn population studies, the movement of an organism into a range inhabited by individuals of the same species.
EmigrationIn population studies, the movement of individuals out of an ecosystem
Limiting FactorA factor or condition that prevents the continuing growth of a population in an ecosystem
TheoryIn science, a set of widely accepted explanations of observations and phenomena; a well tested explanation that is consistent with all available evidence
AncestorA distant or early form of an organism from which later forms descend.
Vestigal OrganA physical structure that was fully developed and functional in an earlier group of organisms but is reduced and unused in later species

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