Science ch 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellbasic unit of structure and function of living thing
microscopiccan not be seen with bare eye
organismliving thing
cell membranehold a cell together and seperate it from its surrounding
nucleusdirects a cell activities
cytoplasma jelly like substance
cell wallsupport and protect a plant cell
chromosomecontain information about cell
vacoulestore food water or waste
mitocondriarelease energy from nutrient
protistis a simple organism ussually a single cell

Section 2

Question Answer
tissuea group of cells
organseveral kind of tissue in same function
organ systemorgan that work together
digestive systembreak down food
circulatory systemmade up of the heart blood blood vessel
respiratory systemexchange oxygen and carbon dioxie
muscular systemgive your body its form

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