Sci Ch 1 Cell to body system

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Section 1

Question Answer
cellthe thing that make up organism , have many functions
microscopicto small that eye can not see, need to use a microscope
organisma living thing
cell membranethe jelly that surronding cells
nucleusthe organelle that direct the cell
cytoplasmthe jelly inside the cell which prevent organelles in bumping
protistsmall animals usaully single cell
tissuegroups of the same cells
mitrochondriapower house of the cell

Section 2

Question Answer
organ systemorgans that work together to do a job
digestive systemit breaks down food to chemicals and we can absorb the nuitrient
circulatory systemmakes the blood flow through the body
respiratory systemgroups of organ the exchange oxygen with carbon dioxide
skeletal systemit forms our body and protect our organs
muscular systemincludes muscles and tendons
nervous systemhelp you to sense your environment and react to it
excretory systemremove waste that is water

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