School-Aged Developmental Milestones

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School-Aged Developmental Milestones


Question Answer
Slow, steady growth; 3-4 inches per yearSchool-Aged Physical
Use physical activities to develop gross and fine motor skillsSchool-Aged Physical
motor & perceptual motor skills better integratedSchool-Aged Physical
10-12 yr: puberty begins for some childrenSchool-Aged Physical


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Use language as a communication toolSchool-Aged Cognitive
can recognize others' perspectives, can't assume the role of the other5-8 yr perspective taking
recognize difference between behavior and intent; age8-10 yr perspective taking
can accurately recognize and consider others' viewpoints10-11 yr perspective taking
accurate perception of events; rational, logical thought, concrete thinking, reflect upon self and attributes, understands concepts of space, time, and dimensionSchool-Aged Cognitive/Concrete operations
Can remember events from months, or years earlierSchool-Aged Cognitive
more effective coping skillsSchool-Aged Cognitive
understands how his behavior affects othersSchool-Aged Cognitive


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friendships are situation specificSchool-Aged Social
understands concepts of right and wrongSchool-Aged Social
rules relied upon to guide behavior and play, and provide child with structure and securitySchool-Aged Social
believe rules can be changed5-6 yr social
strict adherence to rules7-8 yr social
rules can be negotiated9-10 yr social
Begin understanding social roles, regards them as inflexible, can adapt behavior to fit different situations, practices social rolesSchool-Aged Social
takes on more responsibilities at homeSchool-Aged Social
less fantasy play, more team sports, board gamesSchool-Aged Social
morality: avoid punishment; self interested exchangesSchool-Aged Social


Question Answer
self-esteem based on ability to perform and produceschool-aged emotional
alternative strategies for dealing with frustration and expressing emotionsschool-aged emotional
sensitive to others opinions about themselvesschool-aged emotional
have questions about pregnancy, intercourse, sexual swearing, look for nude pictures in books, magazine6-9 yr emotional
games with peeing, sexual activity (strip poker, truth/dare, boy-girl relationships, flirting, some kissing, stroking/rubbing, re-enacting intercourse with clothes on)10-12 yr emotional