Scarpetta Food 5-6

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Paste (pasta)

Question Answer
TajarinParmagiano and Summer Truffles
Porcini TagliatelleHousemade veal sausage, cherry tomatoes, & pecorino romano
TaglioliniLobster, guanicale, basil breadcrumbs
SpagettiTomato and basil
Short Rib & Bone Marrow AgnolottiGarlic chips, horse radish, toasted breadcrumbs
Duck & Foie Gras RavioliMarsala Reduction

Primi Piatti (appetizers)

Question Answer
Raw YellowtailOlio de Zenzaro and Pickled red onions
Yellowfin Tuna CrudoPickled Fresno chiles, avocado, and basil
Steak TartarePreserved truffles and parmagiano
Smoked DiStefano Burratagrilled peaches, pickled stone fruit, bitter greens & toasted almonds
Farmers Market SaladLocal vegetables, pecorino (cheese), hazelnuts, and truffle vinegrette
Puree of Chilled Watermelon & Tomato SoupGoat cheese, cucumber, and watercress
Creamy PolentaFricasse of truffled mushrooms
Grilled OctopusBlack Garlic, peanut potatoes, tomato olive vinegrette
Seared Sea ScallopsMushroom puree, fois gras, and pickled raisins
Braised Short ribs of beefVegetable and Farro Risotto

Piatti (main course)

Question Answer
Imported TurbotCauliflower puree, fagiolini, almonds, and caper brown butter vinagrette
Alaskan HalibutAsparagus Puree, chanterelle mushrooms, cipollini, & summer truffle zabaglione
Spiced Duck BreastCherry puree, fois gras emulsion, aged balsamico
Fennel Dusted Black Codtomatoes, montecato and black olive oil
Crispy Striped BassSaffron potato risotto, frutti di mare, and cherry tomatoes
Glazed Double Cut Berkshire Pork ChopCharred corn puree, grilled vegetables, & red wine stewed plums
Roasted Marys Organic ChickenSummer vegetables, fegato, and parmigiano froth
Prime Sirloin of BeefBaby vegetables, barolo reduction, pickled ramps
Dry Aged 24oz Ribeye of BeefSpinich, garlic oil, peanut potatoes, and parmagiano

Contorni (sides)

Question Answer
Weiser Farm PotatoesCaramelized shallots, smoked paprika aioli, and herbs
Brentwood Cornpancetta, forest mushrooms & basil
Cauliflour al fornoTallegio fonduta, preserved truffles, thyme breadcrumbs
Spring VegetablesCapers and Dill

Dolci (dessert)

Question Answer
Amadei Chocolate CakeBurnt orange caramel gelato and espresso sauce
Coconut Panna CottaCaramelized pineapple and guava "soup"
Vanilla Caramel BudinoChocolate hazlenut crumble and chocolate sable cookies
Peach Frittellemarsala zabaglione (wine flavored italian custard) & peach sorbet
Ricotta CheesecakeHoney-poached apricots, amaretto cherries & apricot sorbet
Tartufo Al CaffeCaramelized chocolate gelato & salted hazelnuts

Formaggi (cheese)

Question Answer
Gorgonzola DolceOrange Marmaletta and Pink Peppercorn
PiaveAged balsamic and preserved lemon
Humboldt FogApricot Chutney and red chili
TallegioPickled Apples
RicottaTruffle Honey