Scarlet Letter Week 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
Abaseto degrade, to humiliate
Abateto reduce in intensity or amount
Abstrusedifficult to understand, recondite, concealed
Abyssbottomless hole, a vast expanse or depth
Acuitysharpness of perception
Affinitya likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship
Alcrityprompt and cheerful responce
Alchemistone who practices medieval chemistry or tries to change metals into gold
Alloya substance that is a mixture of metals
Amenableopen to or willing to follow advice or suggestion, tractable, malleable
Antipathya dislike, distaste, or enmity
Appendto add in a supplementary manner
Arduousvery difficult to accomplish or to achieve, very demanding

Section 2

Question Answer
Ascendto move upward, to rise from a lower station
Asceticone who leads a life of self-denial and contemplation; absent of luxury
Audacityexcessive boldness, rashness, daring
Auguryan omen or prophecy
Austerestrict, stern; unadorned, ascetic
Balma smoothing substance or one that gives relief
Benevolencekindness, generosity, charity
Benignnot causing harm, of gentle disposition, beneficial
Betokento give a sign of
Blighteddestroyed or caused by decline or decay
Buoyantcapable of floating; cheerful

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