SB Ch10 Repro health

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Reproductive health definitionResponsible safe sex, satisfying, capability to reproduce, and the freedom to dicide if, when and how often to do so
What are the 4 reproductive health indicators?Fertility & infertillity, abortion, safe motherhood and STIs
are worldwide fertility rates increasing or dec?Decreasing! infirtility increasing
Major cause of infertility? STIs
is contraceptive use increaing or decreasing?increasing
Abortion rates indicate what?We need more contraceptives! (attitude changes can promote their use! make contraceptives legal where they're illegal!)
unsafe abortions are present where?Mostly developing countries
maternal mortality rates are more prevalent where?Mostly developing countries
STIs if untreated (3)damages repro organs, can lead to cervical cancer, causes infertillity
M or Females have more complications with STIs?Women are at higher risk for STIs and have more complications
WHO definition of maternal deathdeath of woman while pregnant, within 42 day of termination, irrespective of site of pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or it's manatement (NOT from accidental or incidental causes)
Factors attributed to low Maternal Mortality Rate in Grenada (4)improved access to health facilities & maternal care, early risk detection, multi-sector approach, Midwives (well trained in record keeping, communication skills, monitoring and evaluation systems and networking beyond nursing skills)

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