SB 21- occupational health

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what is a healthy workplace?One that exposure to potentially unhealthy physical and social conditions is minimized
what is a workplace safety climate?shared perceptions among members of a group or organization regarding safety policies, procedures or practices.
Positive safety climate have what 2 things?high quality of safety policies and management ensures employees adhere to policies
Lack of positive safety climate leads to 2 thingsunsafe working conditions and unsafe behaviors
2 ways to promote target safety behaviors1) I the precursers or consequences of the target behaviors 2) design programs to change target behaviors by altering their precursors, consequences or both
5 parts of a behavioral safety program1) training safety behaviors, 2) goal setting to encourage safe performance 3) periodic monitoring 4) providing feedback concerning safety performance 5) offering rewards for meeting the safety performance goals
what are demanding job characteristics? low autonomy or control, little feedback, low skill demands or task variety, high workload
Task stressors can involve whatDemanding job, working conditions, physical conditions, psych conditions, variable roles, interpersonal relationships and career development.
interpersonal relationships are what?These are social stressors you may have at work. Ex) conflict with supervisor, coworkes, clients etc.
why may career development be a task stressor?job insecurity, lack of adcancement opportunities, organizational change.
3 categories of strain:psychologycal, behavioral, physiological
phychological strain exanger, anxiety, depression, frustration
Behavioral strainsmoking, substance abuse, bullying
physiological strain Physical symptoms (dizziness, headache, stomach ache) or long term effects (coronary disease, hypertention, frequent illness)
effects of job related straindecrease job satisfaction and motivation, dec productivity, increase accidents and injuries, inc turnover, absenteeism.
3 ways to cope with stressproblem focused, emotion focused and social support
problem focused coping targets whatthe source of stress. probably the best way to cope. Ex) confrong co-worker or boss, voice complaint
Emotional focused coping targets what?cognitive strategies that decrease emotional effects. Ex) Rationalizing, positive thinking
Work-Family conflict models involves what 3 things?spillover, compensation and segmentation
What is spill over?attitudes emotions, behavior spill over from one domain to the other. This is stronger for work to family. also includes time based conflicts, strain based, and behavioral based
what is time based conflict?spill over- not enough hours in the day
what is strain based conflict?type of spillover. bringing negative reactions from one domain to the other (work to home)
what is behavior based conflict?type of spillover. behaviors that are appropriate for one domain are not appropriate for the other
Compensation involves what?a counterbalance between work and family. Whatever is missing in one is found in the other.
Segmentatoinno overlap between work and family whatsoever. People try to keep things independent from one domain to the other
8 family friendly programschild care, elder care, flexible work arrangements, famliy related leave, convenience benefits, health promotion, education assistance, housing assistance.
Effects of family friendly programsmostly positive. Flexible work arrangements have shown positive relationships with satisfaction and neg relationships with stress related outcomes and work conflict. Keep in mind sometimes policies are not enough!!!

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