SB- 18 Mental Health

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Concepts of mental health (2)related to the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals and communities 2) Concept culturally defined but is generally related to enjoyment of life
5 manifestations of mental disorderskeep in mind these vary between people: 1) disturbances of thought and perception 2) Disturbances of mood 3) inappropriate anxiety 4) impulse control and behavioral problems 5) cofnitive dysfunction
3 disturbances of thought and perceptionthrough content (delusions, overvalued ideas, emptiness, ideas of references, thought broadcast), thought process ( illogical thoughts, too many / few thoughts, disorganized thoughts, confused thoughts and flight of ideas) Flow of thought
Cognitive dysfunction affects what (4) memory, attention, problem solving, and exercising social judgement
SEM: Intrapersonal factors age, depression in prepubescence, gender, genetics, attitudes
SEM: Interpersonalsocial networks and support, observational learning, relationships with treatment providers, social integration
SEM: Organizationalinstitutions influence the development, care and treatment of mental illness: Workplace, school, primary care office
SEM: Communityphysical conditions of community, social aspects, culture around mental health care, faith based organizations
SEM: Societycreation of national institute of mental health, research and training, moving towards community based care, community mental health centers act, medicaid and medicare
Categories of prevention (3)Universal, selective and indicated
Universal PreventionLeast cost effective, designed to prevent mental illness among people with all levels, reaches an entire population and may reduce stigma. Ex) media campaign
Selective PreventionFocuses on those at risk, less costly but requires reaching large numbers of people with broad array of intervention techniques. Ex) program that provides coping skills training to children of depressed parents
Indicated PreventionPrevent illness among those who have some symptoms but have not yet developed mental illness. Maybe most cost effective. Ex) program that provides coping skills to people who have been feeling down in the dumps
what is the most cost effective category of prevention of mental health?Indicated- going after those who are showing symptoms

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