SB 16 Policy and Advocacy

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advocate definitionexpose a cause by argument, to plead in favor of, to recommend publicly
5 lessons learned from Cholera in EcuadorResearch objectives and applications must be IDed as the research is being designed, 2) Recognize the potential target audiences and collect data that are meaningful to them, 3) Importance of local beliefs and actions 4) Policy makers must understand local realities and real time needs of people affected 5) Participants become advocates for policy change
3 lessons learned from Disaster research in EcuadorPower of local knowledge and its necessity ot inform policy, Danger of volcanic eruption and possible loss of communities, Who bears greatest burden of move and how to reduce stress
Health research in cuba taught us:Research on PHC provide info to policymakers in international healthcare agencies and national policymakers ouside of cuba
is inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral approaches important to acheive policy change?yes
advocacy includes:getting support for the cause, doing research to get facts and engaging policy makers.
Three objectives of good health sevicesEquity in access to health services, ensure that health sercises are good quality and guarantee financial-risk prtection
why is equity important for health services?Those who need the services should get them, not only those who can pay
why is quality of health services important?must be good enough to actually improve the health of those receiving services
Why Guarentee financial-risk protection?to ensure that the cost of using care does not put people at risk of financial hardship

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