SB 12 PH and Aging

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9 keys to healthy agingBP control, regulate blood glucose, don't smoke, be active, cancer screenings, vaccines, prevent bone loss / mm weakness, combat depression, maintain social contact
Biological clock aging process hypothesisaging is intrinsic to individuals and is genetically determined. Maturation is an extension of a normal developmental process
Wear and Tear / Stochastic aging hypothesisaging process is linked to tissue damage and abuse over time which leads to deterioration of the organ system and failure to sustain life
What is morbidity compression?minimize disease and disabilty in the last 50 years of life and to maximize function. (Have more "well" years and less "sick years" late in life
how can morbidity compression be measured?can be assessed by examining perceived quality of life. Can be health and non health related quality of life

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