Savoir and Connaître

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Savoir and Connaître

Savoir expresses the knowledge of facts or reasons about certain things.
Je sais danser. (I know how to dance.)
Je sais cette chanson. (I know this song [meaning: I can sing the words].)
Je sais ton adresse. (I know your address.)


Connaître means “to know” in the sense of being acquainted with someone or something.
Je connais Luc. (I know Luke [meaning: I am acquainted with Luke].)
Je connais cette chanson. (I know this song [meaning: I have heard this song before or I am familiar with this song].)

Savoir Conjugation

Question Answer
i knowje sais
you knowtu sais
he/she knowsil/elle sait
we knownous savons
you (pl) knowvous savez
they knowils/elles savent

Connaître Conjugation

Question Answer
i am familiar withje connais
you are familiar withtu connais
he/she is familiar withil/elle connaît
we are familiar withnous connaissons
you (pl) are familiar withvous connaissez
they are familiar withils/elles connaissent

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