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Most falls occur during _____Transfers
when using the gait belts to transfer patient, which side should you stay on?stay on the weaker side of the patient with closest leg just behind their knee. Walk with knee and hips flexed
Older adults may be at risk because of changes in (5) Vision, hearing, Cardiovascular system, Peripheral Vascular system and muscle strength
Medications that will put patient's safety at risksedatives (sleepy), hypnotics, tranquilizers(reduce tension/anxiety), diuretics(frequent urine), antihypertensive, narcotics
What is the one of the major causes of death in children under 5poisoning
Safety remind device are used toimmobilize a patient or body and is used as a last resort
Controversy with SRD'sEthical/Legal issue, safety is priority reason, may increase symptoms, try alternative strategies, DOCUMENTATION is crucial
If patient is on his back, which way should they turn for back care?Right
which arm should a left handed patient get IV therapy and injectionRight
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention; provides facilities and services for info, id, prevention and control of disease, provides guidelines for working w/ infected patients
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; focus on safety and issues related to health, division of the CDC, responsible for doing research and making recommendations
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration; national organization that provides guidelines to reduce safety hazards in workplace
Types of fire extinguishersType A, B, C, and ABC
Fire Emergency ResponseRACE = Rescue Alarm Contain Extinguish
How to use fire extinguisherPASS = Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep
What is a disaster situationuncontrolled, unexpected, psychologically shocking event
external vs internal disasterexternal disaster originates outside the facility and internal disaster originates inside the facility (ex; diseases)
what is inside the disaster manualspecifies departmental responsibilities, chain of command, callback procedures, assignment procedure, patient vac and routes procedures, policies related to the overall management of supplies and equipment
what features should alert nurses of the possibility of a bioterrorism-related outbreakrapid increase frequency of a disease, endemic(people of the same area known for particular) disease rapidly emerging, clusters of patients arriving from a single locale, large number of rapidly fatal cases
health care-associated(nosocomial) infectionsinfections from hospital or other health care facility