Safety features

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Question Answer
Electric kettleWhistle, Built in pug or switch which turns off electricity when water is boiling
Electric frying pan Red light and turn off switch; wooden or plastic handle and legs
Electric ToasterRegulates the grades of brownness in toast which pops up when done
Washing machineGauge for temperature and water levels; switch for complete washing and rinsing cycle; stops or switches off when washing is completed
Oven\StoveThermostat to regulate oven heat; some have shut of timers; exact temperature required can be selected for the kind of food being cooked
Microwave ovenOperation ceases as soon as the door is opened; shut off timers
Vacuum cleanerRounded rubber lined side to protect furniture
Food blenderConcealed blade in cup; the cover keeps food inside the cup; speed cycles regulate the rate at which the blender works

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