Safety Checklist

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT

This page will help you learn about the common sense approach that EMPLOYEES should take towards health and safety in the workplace.


Question Answer
Employees should position filing cabinets away from doorsto prevent trips
Employees should mop up juice/tea/coffee spillagesto prevent slips
Employees should use a trolley when lifting heavy equipmentto prevent injury
Employees should never overload power socketsto prevent fires


Question Answer
Employees should never fix equipment unless trained to do soto prevent injury
Employees should observe wet floor signsto prevent slips
Employees should keep liquids away from electrical equipmentto prevent fires
Employees should report loose flooringto prevent trips


Question Answer
Employees should pick up paper from floorsto prevent slips
Employees should smoke only in designated areasto prevent fires
Employees should position trailing cables carefullyto prevent trips
Employees should use a step ladder to reach high shelvesto prevent injury


Question Answer
Employees should not stand on star-shaped chairs to reach boxesto prevent injury
Employees should place shopping bags in lockersto prevent trips
Employees should use door mats when coming in from rainto prevent slips
Employees should never prop open fire doors with storage boxesto prevent fires

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