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Act that provides clients with the right to be free from physical and chemical restraints imposed for the purpose of discipline or convenience Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Chemical Restraintpsychotropic drugs can NOT be used to control behavior; only for Dx-related conditions
What is needed in order to use restraints?Informed consent
What if client is unable to provide consent to use of restraints?Then consent of proxy must be obtained after full disclosure of risks and benefits
What is it called if you restrain client w/o informed consent or sufficient justification?false imprisonment
Nursing considerations: what to assess/documentneed for the restraints (risk for falls, risk of injury to others, potential removal of IV lines or other equipment)
Can restraints be ordered PRN?NO
Alternative measures prior to use of restraintsreorientation, family involvement, frequent assistance with toileting

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Chickenpox (varicella) incubation period 13-17 days

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