Sa med feline pruritic disorders

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What can cause traumatic induced alopecia in cats?Anything from licking to rubbing to grooming
What else can cause it?Allergies such as flea bites allergies, parasitic, behavioral, urinary cystitis and impacted anal sacs.
What makes symmetrical alopecia in cats different than in dogs?In dogs it usually means metabolic. In cats it can mean other things because cats groom in a symmetrical pattern.
Dx tools for traumatic induced alopcia?History, trichogram where you basicallly pick a hair and look at it under a scope, if broken ends then grooming and nice whispy ends then fall out, also intradermall flea antigen test (ONLY FOR TYPE ONE HYPERsensitivity not type four this is TQ)

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Allergic alopcia causes?Allergies.... lol
Distribution pattern? When hair loss is in the preaural area, must think atopy and food allergy first, if back half alopcia also then fleas.
Food allergy vs atopy is determined by?Season
Atopy in allergic alopecia tx?Steroids, antihistamines, immunotherapy, cyclosporin
Usually won't see lesions where if self inflicted hair loss? On the nose, lesions won't be found on the nose unless atopy
Food allergy in allergic alopcia?Do it for 8 weeks feeding novel protein hydrolyzed or home cooked diets.
Distribution of allergic alopcia to flea bites?Back 1/2 of the body, head, and the neck. Try your hardest to rule out flea allergies because a lot of stuff presents like this in cats
Demodex gatoi?Sort mite, surface location, Infection with D. gato pruritic, resulting in alopecia from excessive grooming in the areas a cat can reach, such as the limbs, flanks and ventrum. It mimics other pruritic skin disorders in cats, such as allergic or psychogenic disease, and is often symmetrical. In addition to alopecia, cats may present with hyperpigmentation, scaling, excoriations or crusting. It is also contagious!!!!!!!!!
Behavioral causes of hair loss?ALMOST never happens bottom of r/o list
Neoplasia casuing hair loss?Mast cells tumors can cause behavioral alopcia!
What urinary and ass thing can cause alopecia in cats?Urinary cystitis, impacted anal sacs

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Eosinophilic reactions causing hair loss?Miliary dermatitis, eosinophlic plaques and granulomas, indolent ulcers.
Most common cuase of eosinophilic reactions?Ectoparasites. Sometimes allergies
Is the reaction pattern a dx?NOOOOO just a result of the dz
What to do to dx? biopsy! Might reoccur unless the reason is found
Miliary dermatits?crusted papules
What is the differential dx for miliary dermatitis?Hypersensitivity to fleas, food, or aeroallergens....2 dermatophytosis which is IMPORTANT CAUSE OF MILIARY LESIONS, bacteria infx, ectoparasites (fleas and ear mites which can cause probs alll around the body)
Symptomatic tx?Steroids like methylpredinisonlone, depomedrol, fatty acids, antihistamines DO NOT work
Eosinophilic plaque? slide 28 pictureCauses intense pruritis and flea allergies are a major cause of this. Secondary bacterial infections are common
tx for eosinophilic plaques?Methylpredinisolone because its literally so intense itchiness you need it so figure out the reason quickly!, AB is 2ndry infx even with STEROIDS IN THIS CASE!! RARE!!!,
if eosinophilics plaques don't get better?biospy because it could be a mast cell tumor
Eosinophilic granuloma clinical findings?Almost never pruritic.
Which type of eosinophilic granulomas are hard to treat?linear ones
what must you do to dx? SLIDE 31 for picbiospy! but usually you see this and know immeditely what it is.
What can cause eosinophilic granuloma?hypersensitivities {food or atopy)

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Indolent ulcers clinical findings?During cytology you will eosinophils and then you know its indolent ulcers!!!
are these pruritic?NOOOOO
Other r/o?SCC!!!!! also some hypersensitivities
tx?Cyclosporin A but nephrotoxic and can allow infection so monitor. Inhibits T helper cells
SEE slide 34 and on!!!!! CASEGO

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Plasma cell Pododermatitis in cats? slide 42 picits so obvious you can treat without even a biospy. Might have pain and ulcerations are common
Age?middle aged cats
Ddx? 43Autoimmune, infection, contact rxn, vasculitis, burns, mosquitos
tx?mehtylprednisolone, depomedrol, doxycycline never use because can kill catscauses esophageal stricture needs water with it use someting else though