SA legislations

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Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act1949, Prohibited marriages between white people and people of other races
Immorality Amendment Act1950, Prohibited adultery, attempted adultery or related immoral acts (extra-marital sex) between white and black people.
Population Registration Act1950, Led to the creation of a national register in which every person's race was recorded. A Race Classification Board took the final decision on what a person's race was in disputed cases.
Group Areas Act1950, designated city centers as white only. Seen as the essence of apartheid by Malan as it brought on residential segregation. Africans were considered rural people and the act specifically targeted black and indian people.
Suppression of Communism Act1950, Outlawed communism and the Community Party in South Africa. Communism was defined so broadly that it covered any call for radical change
Bantu Education Act1953, Made it mandatory for schools to admit chldren from one racial group only. Brought education of Africans under control of native affairs department
Separate Representation of Voters Actremoved the right of Coloured (mixed-race) voters in the Cape Province to vote in ordinary constituency elections, and allowed them to instead elect four MPs in segregated elections.
Reservation of Separate Amenities Act1953, Forced segregation in all public amenities, public buildings, and public transport with the aim of eliminating contact between whites and other races. "Europeans Only" and "Non-Europeans Only" signs were put up. The act stated that facilities provided for different races need not be equal.
Natives Resettlement Act1954, allowed urban resettlement of Africans in the Johannesburg district. Armed the government with bureaucratic machinery necessary to carry out policies: Native Resettlement Board created.
Extension of university act1959, a criminal offense for a non-white student to register at a formerly open university without the written permission of the Minister of Internal Affairs.
Pass laws act1952, Enforced segregation by forcing Africans over the age of 16 to carry a passbook (96 page booklet) on their person at all time as it was a criminal offence not to have it (would lead to arrest and imprisonment). Further 72 hour permit required to stay in cities to look for jobs.
Bantu self-gov act1950
Promotion of bantu self-gov act1959, allowed for the transformation of traditional tribal lands into "fully fledged independent states Bantustans" which would supposedly provide for the right to self-determination of the country's Black population. It also resulted in the abolition of parliamentary representation for Blacks
Group Areas development act1955, Classified black people into eight ethnic groups. Each group had a Commissioner-General who was tasked to develop a homeland for each, which would be allowed to govern itself independently without white intervention.
bantu authorities act 19511951, give authority to Traditional Tribal Leader within their traditional tribal homelands in South Africa.
petty apartheidwhich segregated public facilities (e.g. transport, schools). Objective: ensure segregation of different races and complete economic and political domination of White over Black.
grand apartheidwhich established separate racial homelands and areas across the country. It limited political and civil rights such as owning land.