SA and chapter ten and 12Vocab

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Afrikaans Language of the Afrikaners
Bantu Term used for blacks during the apartheid era
African National Congress Main party that opposed apartheid and led the struggle for the majority rule
Boer Afrikan word for farmer
Afrikaner White South African of dutch or German descent
Bureaucracy A complex system of officials and workers who manage the activities of a government
Mestizo Persons of mixed European and Native American ancestry
Inflation Rising prices, usually caused by an increase in the money supply
Secular Non-religious, related to concerns of the world
Capitalism An economic system in which all resources are privately owned and markets determine how those resouces are distributed
Seperation of powers The division of powers among branches of government
Counter-reformation A movement to revive and defend Catholicism in response to the reformation
Denomination A religious group or movement within a larger religion sharing a common interpretation of that religion
Social Contract An agreement in which people give power to a government in return for its protections
Humanism A Renaissance philosophy emphasizing the worth of the individual and balancing religious faith with secular learning
Natural Rights Rights that belong to people "by nature" simply because they are human beings
Geocentric theory The idea that Earth is the center of the solar system or universe
Heliocentric theory Idea that the sun is the center of the solar system
Vernacular The native language of a people, religion, or country
Perspective A painting or drawing technique that gives the appearance of depth on a flat surface