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missionaryperson who teaches his or her religion to others who have different beliefs
missionreligious settlement where missionaries live and work
societygroup of people forming a community
colonysettlement far from the country that rules it
Vasco nunez de balboaborn in spain,crossed the isthmus of pannana,reached the pacific ocean in 1514
amerigo vespucciborn in italy,sailed to the eastern coast of south america sailed frist between ferdinand magellan and amerigo vespucci
Franciso pizarrospain sent him to south america to conquer the incan empire,he had founded a new capital called lima
moctezumahe was a trader,was killed by his own people,he agreed to let cortes stayin tenochtitlan
atahualpapizarro captured the lncan ruler atahualpa in 1532
columbian exchangemovement of people animals plants diseases and ways of life between the eastern hemishere and western hemisphere
christopher columbusborn in italy,led 4 voyages,made 4 exdiditons
francisco vasquez de coronadoexplored the american southwest in 1540,the governor of new spain decided to send him,went to rio grande river and arkansas river
hernando corteshe has come to conquer these lander for spain,he persuade thousands to join him,he had a few advantages
dona marinawas described as an excellentperson and a good interpreter,spoke several lndian languages,helped cortes persuade 1000 to join him
juan ponce de leonlanded on the florida peninsual in 1513
plantationlarge farms with many workers who lived on the land they worked
hernando de sotobecame the 1st european to reach the mississippi river in 1540,he is interested in more than pearls,contines his explorations ,didnt find any gold
alvar nunez caberza de vacaexplored what is now texas in 1528,traveled for 8 years thought what is now the southwest region of the united states,treaveled through rio grande river caribbean sea
conquistadorspanish word for conquerors who came to the americas in the 1500s
ferdinand magellanborn in portugal,led the frist expedition ,he was killed during the voyage ,he started in 1519and ended in 1522
colonistperson who lives in a colony
bartolome de las casaswrote a book called history of lndies
convertto change from one belief to another
expeditonjourney made for a specail purpose
allya friend who will help in a figth
conquestcapture or taking of something by force
encomiendagrant given by the kings of spain to wealthy settlers control of all the native americans living in an area of land

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