S.S Chapter 11 Section 3

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Growth of territory and trade400 BCE: Roman Empire grew quick -Geography and economics
Growth of territorymany neighbors attack - inspired by gaul: 387 BCE -defeated attackers= took land -Most of italian penninsula -Succedd= organized army -divided into legions -army flexible and defeat most
farming + trademost people farmers -republic grew: many farmers left -rich built slave operated farms -Farmers could not keep up demand -merchants in mediterranian brought items - made metal coins to pay
Rome Grows Beyond Italythreat to neighbor countries - declared War -defeated neighbors - gained land throughout Mediterranian
The punic warsPunic means Phonecian ( Latin) - People who settled Carthage -264-146 BCE= Rome + Carthage War ( punic wars) - Carthage troops to sicily - 20 years fighting: Rome forced enemies out - took island over - 218 BCE: Hannibul attacked Rome - Same time: Rome attacked Carthage - Hannibul rushed to defend -defeated at Zama -140 BCE:Rome concerned of Carthage power - Declared War - Rome'sarmy to africa: destroyed Carthage - Burned city, killed, enslaved - control of northern africa
Later ExpansionDuring Punic: Rome took W Mediterranian -120 BCE: S gaul,greece,part of asia - changed by greek culture - adopted greek ideas - literature, art,philosophy, religion, education
Tiberiius and Gaius GracchusT. consul in 133 BCE - tried to make farms for poor - rich took illegally - led to riots - T. killed in riot - few years later: G. tried to make new farms - Sell food cheap to the poor - killed for ideas - changed Roman politics - violence: political weapon
Marius and SullaSocial change 100s BCE - need soldiers for army - G. Marius encouraged poor to join - troops loyal to G. Marius than Rome - Political power - L.C.Sulla: politician - Consul 88 BCE - soon civil war started - defeated G. Marius and declared dictator
SpartacusSulla died - former slave Spartacus - demanded freedom - took over much Southern Italy - Spartacus killed in battle - revolt fell apart