S 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
Preflight checks for FA 2AFT 1/2 MC
Preflight check for FA 4FC FWD 1/2 MC
Fueling Position Thru FlightsFA 4
FA 1 JumpseatFwd Aisleside but if 3 on board Fwd Doorside
FA 2 JumpseatAft LH side -Attach Barrier Strap
FA 3 JumpseatFWD Aisle Side
FA 4 JumpseatG4 Jumpseat
FA 5 JumpseatAFT RH Side
Exit Row BriefingsFA 4
FA 1 Door Arming/DisarmingFWD Entry and FWD Galley
FA 2 Door Arming/DisarmingTailcone
FA 4 Door Arming/DisarmingAFT Galley
GalleysG1 G2 G4 G5 G6
Demo Bag9 AB OHB
FC Seat LabelingAB EF
MC Seat LabelingAB DEF
How many Lavs?3 total 1 in the FWD part of the AC and 2 in AFT part of the AC L&RH sides
Inflight WheelchairRH Side Doghouse AFT FC
ExitsFWD Entry Door, FWD Galley Door , AFT Galley Door, AFT Entrance Door/Tailcone
How many O2 masks are at the G4 Jumpseat1
How many O2 masks are at the FA Jumpseats except for G4 Jumpseat2
AC Fueling Position Thru Flights-What FA has these responsibilities?4

Section 2

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In an evacuation, If you open the door and the slide does not drop out what must you do ?Rock the Door
If you are FA 2, what must you do before you take your Jumpseat?Attach the Barrier Strap
In an evacuation if some is hesitant at the door what will the FA do?Knee them out
After a decompression what must you check?LAVS
In an evacuation, If no one else is coming to your exit what must be done next?Check IMMEDIATE Cabin area
How will you know if the Tailcone exit has been tampered with?Puncture in the Tailcone Release- must notify captain
After you inflate your lifevest and step out to the raft what are your next steps to release the slideLift Girt, Pull white disengage handle, and pull quick release tab
At the Tailcone how will know if the slide is inflated?Green and Silver Bulster Pillows
If there is a malfunction with the Tailcone slide where will you sit?Assist Space
True or false: the Super 80 is Overwater Equipped?False- Non Overwater Equipped
What handle will you pull if the Tailcone doesnt pop off?Red Interior Tailcone Jettison handle
If time permits which FA will grab the Extra Life vestsFA 1
Where would you place the LRBL on the S80Tailcone Fairing
How do you operate O2 masks from PSU?pig nose masks must pull down to activate 02 .
LAVS for DisabilityAll LAVS
Exit Rows20 and 21 AB DEF
How many seats in FC16
How many seats in MC124
How long does O2 flow in the Masks?15
How do you seperate Slide from AC?Lift the girt flap, Pull the white disengage handle, Pull quick release tab to disconnect the mooring line.

Section 3

Question Answer
There is a customer in the last row of FC who has cut their finger and needs an adhesive bandage. Where will you find the closes first aid kit?FWD Entry Storage Space
A passenger in seat 17D is experiencing chest pain, You have paged for a physician and the physician has requested some equipment, where can you find the IMK and AED?1st LH Side OHB MC
You have donned the PBE and are fighting a fire in the AFT LH LAV. THE FA acting as the runner is bringing you additional Halon Extinguishers. Where are the Halons found?Above LH Side Waste Compartment AFT MC
You are FA 1and your AC has been dispatched with an inoperative PA system. During the flight the captain calls you with 4 chimes. He tells you that upon landing we will evacuate. The PA system is down. Where can you find a megaphone?Fwd Entry Area Storage Space
Where is the Grab and Go kit?1st LH Side OHB MC
Where is the ANC kit?1st LH Side OHB MC
A passenger in seat 20 B burned themselves with some hot water. Where is the closest First Aid Kit?Last RH Side OHB MC
How will the AC land in a ditching?Tail Low Nose High
What kind of equipment can be used in a ditching?Slides, Crew Life vests, Seat Cushions, Extra Life vest kit
What exits are not usable in a ditching?Aft Entrance Door/Tailcone Exit
What exits are usable in a ditching?All exits except Aft Entrance/Tailcone doors above the water line
You are in the Galley in FC and notice smoke from the LAV where would you find the closest PBE and HalonFWD Entry Area Storage Space
At every jumpseatFlashlight and Crew Lifevests
You see smoke coming from AFT LH LAV, where could you find firefighting equipment?FWD LH Side of Waste Container AFT MC and Above LH Side Waste Container AFT MC
A PAX is in need of oxygen in 8A where can you go?FWD Entry Area Storage Space
With Minimum Crew who performs Manual Safety DemoFA 2 and FA 4

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