Rxph--Lesson 3 Part A

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Question Answer
Uptake =function
Scan = size, shape, variation in uptake
I-131 turns intothyroid hormone
Pertechnetate does ___ turn into thyroid hormonenot
Pertecnetate is a ____ like iodine-1 ion
Iodine method of localizatoinactive transport
I-131 sodium iodide distributionsalivary glands, thyroid, stomach, gastric mucosa
Thyroid uptake dose 13110-20 uCi
131 looks better becausemore counts, takes less time, high activity
I-131 whole body is done onperson who had thyroid cancer
I-131 Surveys forrediual, recurrent, or metastatic disease in known thyroid cancer following thyroidectomy
I-131 WB scan looking formets because thyroid was removed
I-131 patient returns at ____ for WB scan24 hours
Star of Davidthyroid is still there, very hot
I-131 mIBGsame as I-123 mIBG
I-125 used forLaboratory use
Xe-133 no wipe test becausegas
Xe-133 adheres to someplastics and rubber
Xe-133 ventilation studiesair flow
Xe-133 is aninnert gas
Charcoal filter trapsexhaled xenon gas
Sudden death, right heart failure, or cardiovascular collapse may occur if ____60% of pulmonary circulation is obstructed
Alternative to Xe-133DTPA Aerosol, Kr-81m, Xe-127
Xe exhaust must bededicated exhaust
Dedicated exhaustno recirculation
Chest ray needed ____ of Xe-13312-24 hours
Xe images look formatched or mismatched vent/perf
Normal vent, defect perfusionPE
Abnorm vent, normal perfusionObstructive airway disease
Abnormal vent, abnormal perfusiontumor
Cr-51 used forin-vitro RBC mass and RBC volume
Cr-51 half-life energy27.8 days, 320 keV
T/F QC must be done on kitsFalse, just recommended
Tech expiration12 hours post-elution

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