Russia before the Revolution

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Section 1

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Name of the Tsar in 1917Nicholas II
Name of the Russian monk who influenced the TsarRasputin
In 1917 most people in Russia werePeasants
The Parliament set up after the 1905 Revolution was called theDuma
The name of the secret police set up to keep the Tsar in power was theOkhrana
Another group that kept the Tsar in power was theChurch

Section 2

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The group that supported the Tsar were known as Monarchists
The group that wanted to keep the Tsar but limit his powers were theConstitutionalists
The group that wanted to overthrow the Tsar were theRevolutionaries
The group that wanted to improve the lives of ordinary workers were theSoviets

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What event started in 1914First World War
In September 1915 The Tsar made himselfCommander in Chief
Two major defeats in 1914 for the Russians wereTannenburg and Masurian Lakes
Conditions in the cities led to Inflation, shortages and a loss of Government control
The Tsarinawas now the Tsar's deputy at home in Petrograd