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general questions?

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No mod spaces are possible on what Kennedy Classification?Class 4
what type of alloy is used for RPD frameworks at DCoG?Base Metal, specifically VITALLIUM (alloy)
bilateral balanced occlusion is not indicated for which Kennedy Classifications?
What is the ideal length ofguide plane for an abutment tooth supported RPD?3-4mm
What is the ideal length of guide plane for an abutment on tissue supported RPD?1.5-2 mm
T/F: Rest seats are always prepared first to make sure the clinician knows what other tooth stucture cet safely be modified.False (guide planes first preparation)
According to lecture material the most important function of rests and rest seats is what?Direct forces down long axis of tooth
The line encircling the tooth and designating the greatest circumference at selected position determined by the surveyor is the ____ ____ ___height of contour.
What type of rest seats can be prepared for tooth # 11 ?lingual rest or cingulum rest
5 functions of guide planes?single path of insertion, eliminate food traps, increase frictional component of retention, lower HOC proximally for arm positioning,
4 parts of a supra bulge clasp assemblyRest, Minor connector, reciprocal component, retentive clasp
5 factors that affect clasp flexibilityLength (law of beams), Taper, Diameter, cross-sectional form (1/2r vs full round) & Material
3 components of a combination clasp assemblyWW retentive clasp, reciprocal component, rest (also minor connector)
3 contraindications for infra bulge claspssevere hard or soft tissue undercuts, less than 5 mm of vestibular depth, high frenum attachments
minimum space from the active floor of the mouth to the free gingival margin that would allow use of lingual bar major connector is8-10 mm
What structures dictate extension of max tissue coverage for a maxillary distal extension denture base?Hauler notch, vibrating line, flange extension into vestibule limited by musculature


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What might a pt react to in Ticonium metal used for RPD’s?Nickel
define: temporary shape change that is self-reversing after the force is removed, so that the object returns to its original shapeelastic deformation
define alloy: combination of two or more elements, at least one of which is metal
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T/F. Custom trays with border molding already complete has tissue stops to prevent pressure.False (definitely not... remember relief holes)
what are the only teeth appropriate to place hooded rest on?mandibular 1st premolars
6 causes of fracture of clasps1. Nonuniformity in taper 2. Porosity, 3.Sharp angles, 4. Scratches, 5. Nicks, 6. large grain?
work hardening makes a metal ____ and more ____harder and more brittle
what alloy do we not use for rpd framework?Ti-Ni (used for ortho wires)
T/F: Silver is a noble metalFalse

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what is an alternative to altered cast impression technique for distal extensions on rpd?functional reline at insertion


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what cast is used for the lab remount?Master cast
what cast is used for the clinical remount?Duplicate cast
what cast is used to wax the framework?Refractory cast
what cast is brought to TPB?mounted Diagnostic cast
fabricated framework is returned on which cast?Duplicate
Dentist can adjust framework prior ti appointment on which cast?master cast


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No mod spaces are possible on what Kennedy Classification?Class 4