Routing Terms

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Recursive Route LookupRouter has to make multiple lookups in the routing table before forwarding a packet.
Static RouteA route which forwards all traffic to a specific network out a single interface
Summary RouteA combination of multiple static routes into a single summarized route out an interface.
Default RouteA route which forwards all traffic that does not match a listing in the routing table out an exit interface or toward a next hop address.
Metric A value used to measure the distance to reach a network
Load BalancingUsing multiple routes to the same destination to balance traffic flow
IGPInterior Gateway Protocols
EGPExterior Gateway Protocols
Distance VectorRouters are advertised as vectors of distance and direction
Link-StateRoutes are based on link status of interfaces across the network.
Classful routingDoes not send subnet mask in routing updates
Classless routingSends subnet mask in routing updates.
ConvergenceAll routers routing tables are a state of consistency
Administrative DistanceRating of trustworthiness of a routing information.
RIPRouting Information Protocol. Distance Vector Routing.
IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol. Distance Vector Routing
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. Distance Vector Routing Protocol.
Split HorizonsA router should not advertise a network through the interface from which the update came.
Route PoisoningMetric is set to maximum and route is set to unreachable in the routing table
Trigger UpdatesA routing table update that is sent immediately in response to a routing change.
Holddown TimerA 180 second