Rotator cuff muscle

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Question Answer
rhomoid majorsuperior thoracic spine
rhomoid minorvertebrae c7 t1
trapeziusocciptal bone, thoracic vertabrae
deltoidclavicle and acromion
supraspinatussupraspinous fossa
infraspinatusinfraspinous fossa
teres minorlateral border of scapula

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Question Answer
rhomoid majorvertebral border of scapula to inferior angle
rhomoid minorvertebral border border of scapula
trapeziusclavicle and scapula
deltoiddeltoid tuberosity of humerus
supraspinatusgreater tubercle of humerus
infraspinatousgreater tubercle of humerus
teres minorlaterally to reach the greater tubercle of humerus

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Question Answer
rhomoid majoradducts scapula and rotates downward
rhomoid minoradducts scapula and rotates downward
trapeziuselevated, retract, depress, rotate scapula upward, elevate clavicle, extend neck
deltoidabduction at shoulder, anterior: flexion and medial rotation, posterior: extension and lateral rotation
supraspinatusabduction at the shoulder
infraspinatus lateral rotation at shoulder
teres minorlateral rotation at shoulder

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