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4 basic assumptionsnormalize muslce tone, treatment starts at level of function, motivation creates purposeful movement, repetition
Reflexes influencemuscle tone
4 components of motor *JULIES WAYCo-contraction (isometric), recipricol inhibiation (isotonic), heavy work, skill
cutaneous stimulationlight moving touch, fast brushing, icing
proprioceptive stimulationheavy joint compression, quick stretch, tapping
Vestibular stimulationvibration
inhibitory techniquesneutral warmth, manual pressure, light joint cmopression
when should you palpate musclebefore, after, and before session ends

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order of motor patternssupine withdrawl, rollover, pivot prone, neck co-contraction, on elbows, all fours, static standing, walking
sensorimotor treatemtn that uses sensory stimulation to effect motor responserood
someone with difficult light work muscles benefits fromputting on makeup while seated
CNS would resume watercolor patinting. OTA shouldprovide intervention to stregnthen heavy-work muslces
Brushing and icing; OTA shouldestablish competency/be supervised
Bed mobility pt tuns onto the _________ sideaffected