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consultwo consuls chosen each year ran the govt. and lead the Roman Army into battle
Latinslived in the region of Latium; spoke Latin, Greek and were herders/farmers; Indo-European people of Italic branch who settled in Central Italy in 1 BC
Etruscansinfluenced the early development of Rome;powerful and wealthy civilization of ancient Italy
Triumviratea government of 3 people holding equal power in ancient Rome
dictatora ruler with total power over a country; typically one who has attained power by force or hereditary descent
Pax Romanathe peace that existed within the Roman Empire; lasted for almost 200 years 27 BC thru 1 AD
Paterfamiliasmale head or family or household also included the wife , sons with the wives and children and unmarried daughters and slaves
Virgilmost distinguished poet during the Augustan period
Horacethe leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus
Livya Roman historian who wrote a monumental history of Roman and the Roman people; wrote The Early History of Rome taught virtues that made Rome great
Spartacusa Thracian gladiator; lead a slave revolt of 70,000 slaves; defeated several Roman armies before being trapped
clergya church leader of leaders who had distinct functions from regular church members
Jerusalemthe Jewish temple was there; Jesus traveled and taught there

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Theodosius the GreatChristianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire; 378 AD-395 AD
Constantinethe first Christian emperor
Plaguea contagious disease that spread rapidly and kills many people
Diocletianan emperor who ruled from 204 BC divided Rome int 4 parts; military power helped hold him in authority; had military power...284-305 AD
Hunsa member of a war-like Asiatic nomadic people who ravaged Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries; came from Asia and moved into Eastern Europe
VisigothsRoman allies until they revolted; defeated the Romans at Adrianople in 378 AD
Vandalsgroup that poured into Southern Spain and Africa; sacked Rome; the words "vandals" and "vandalize" come from this ruthless group
CarthageCity on the coast of North Africa, the largest and richest state in the area; defeated by Rome in the Punic War, lead by the greatest Carthaginian ruler, Hannibal