Rome Vocabulary

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Question Answer
republica government in which people elect leaders or representatives to govern them.
dictatora leader who rules with absolute power.
Cincinnatusa dictator who quickly returned home and gave up his power after fighting a war
plebeiansthe common people of Rome They were the peasants, craftsman, traders, and the majority of the population
patriciansthe wealthy, powerful citizens of Rome. These nobles were a small minority of the population and controlled most of the government.
Magistratesthe elected officials of Rome made up of the two consuls. It would be the equivalent of the executive branch of government in the United States.
Consulsthe two most powerful magistrates in Rome elected each year. One consul ran the government, the other ran the military. They were both supposed to agree on their decisions together.
Senatea council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the city's leaders
vetoit literally means "I forbid". It gave power to the consuls if they disagreed with laws voted by the Plebeians.
Tribunesthe common people of Rome who approved or rejected laws, declared war, and elected magistrates.