Romanesque Art Test

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What does Romanesque mean?Roman Like (1025-1200)
Name several Characteristics of Romanesque architecture-clear divided compartments,-module system,-walls marked by buttresses,-cylindrical apse and chapels,-square, round, or polygonal towers.
A flat, rectangular, verticle member projecting from a wall, topped by a capital is a?pilaster
What are the exterior supports used on romanesque buildings called> Which architectural support device was not used by romanesque architects, but rather appeared in the gothic period?Buttresses. Flying Buttress.
In What region were tall twin towers integrated into the facades of romanesque churches?France (Normandy)

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One of the earliest Burgundian churches to explore a variety of stone vault forms was?St. Philibert
The space reserved for the clergy in the church, usually in the east end, is the?Choir
This is, in effect, a deep arch or an uninterrupted series of arches, one behind the other, over an oblong space. What type of vault is it?barrel vault
What is one draw back of barrel vaulting?very dark
The construction technique typically used to cover the nave in early Romanesque cathedrals is called?Barrel vault
What is a half-barrel vault?Quadrant vault

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What kind of vault is created by the intersection of two barrel vaults?groin vault
What is a small room projecting from the apse?a side chapel or radiating chapel
Which architectural feature of romanesque churches developed in connection with their use as pilgrimage centers?ambulatory
Ambulatories were popular in pilgrimage churches because they allowed the pilgrims to_? without disturbing the monks.see the relics
What is a lintel?cross beam, top to 2 posts

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In what regions did romanesque architects build upon Ottonian ideas of square schematism and an alternate-support system?N. Italy, N.E. Spain, S. France
Upper galleries used to accommodate overflow pilgrims are the?Tribunes
What is square schematism?plan is based on module of square for entire church
An architectural support (pier) composed of a group of members is a?a composed pier
What is the alternate support system?piers alternating with columns
What is a narthex?front porch/ entrance way
What are corbel tables?overlapping features/levels squares outlined by horizontal projections
What is companile?bell tower
What are slender molded masonry elements that support the vault called?ribs

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Tall towers are integrated into the west front of which cathedral?St. Etienne
What is a sexpartile vault?6 compartments of a dance
What is a compund pier?1 pier with a group of other members attached to it
What does the nave elevation of Romanesque pilgrimage churches consist of?arcade, tribune, clerestory
What sorts of patterns adorn the columns of the nave of Durham Cathedral?abstract, geometric, diamond, cable patterns
What is the building used for baptism, usually situated next to a church called?baptisery
What is incrustation?decoration where wall is divided into bright polychrome panals

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What is the Romanesque church that had a wooden ceiling like those found in early christian basilicas?Pisa Cathedral
What was the dome said to have inspired?Brunellechi's dome of Florence
What type of "correspondance" is there in San Miniato?geometric shapes dont correspond with plan on inside
Which cathedrals have wooden roofs?pisa cathedrals, San miniato
A type of slender molded arch thrown across a barrel vault to provide additional support and serve as a firebreak is a?diaphram arch
What do diaphram arches do in San Miniato? What is the difference between diaphragm arches and transverse arches?support & are a firebreak and compartmentalize the interior
What are some ancient roman architectural elements used in Romanesque architecture?Antique motifs in capitals in crustation, arcade, triumphal arch, basilica plan, & corinthian capitals
What are the signs of the 4 Evangelists, Matt., Mark, Luke, and John?Luke=Ox, Mark=Lion, John=Eagle, Matthew=winged man/angel
What is a mandorla?Almond shaped nimbus.

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What is 1 of a series of concentric moldings on a Romanesque arch? Where would one find the archivolt in a Romanesque portal?Archivolt, above the tympanum
The space between the lintel and the archivolts in a doorway is the?Tympanum
A pillar supporting a lintel is a? Trumeau
The side posts of a doorway are the?Jambs
What is a wedge-shaped block around the tympanum used in the construction of a true arch?Voussoirs

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The tympanum at Moissac was decorated with what scene?Second Coming
What are the stylistic characteristics of Romanesque sculptre?subordinate to frame, elongation, curious, cross legged poses. Jerkey hinged movements, zigzag and dovetail drapery lines and band like folds of torsos.
The monk who criticized the rich profusion of Romanesque decoration was?St. Benedict
A monastic order, followers of St. benedict, is the _ order?Benedictine/ Cistertians
What is the vita contemplativa? An image that seems to reflect the vita contemplativa is ?the contemplate of life. The prophet Jeremiah
What is the vita activa?The active life. Knights under crusades
An important aspect of the romanesque concept of form was based on the idea of subordination. What architectural elements were subordinate?Sculptures<script>alert('xss');</script>

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What is a historiated capital?ornamented decorated w/ representatives that form a narrative
During the Romanesque period the vison of Christ's second coming was often depicted on what part of the portal?the tympanum, doorway
The facades of many Romanesque churches are distinguished from those of their earlier medieval predecessors by the extensive use of what medium?stone
A large coordinated sculptural program first appeared on the portal and porch of which cathedral?La Madeleine (Vezelay, France)
What is a cloister? a garth?secluded area used for prayer and meditation. A garden.
The Romanesque pilgrimage churches of France are characterized by?All have arcades. The portals decorated w/ friezes of the second coming.

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What was the Norman conquest and who was William the Conqueror?When the Normans conquered the Anglo-Saxons
The Battle of Hastings showing the Norman Conquest of England was portrayed in what artwork? In what year did the Battle of Hastings occur?Bayeux tapestry. 1066
Who introduced their style of church construction to England? Church construction in Normandy and England in the 11th and 12th centuries was greatly encouraged by whom?Normans. William the Conqueror.
Who were the major patrons of the art during the Romanesque period?Church
How did the medieval monastic orders influence the development of art?Illuminated Manuscript.