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Ancient Names/ terms

Question Answer
VillonovansLater Etrucans
Senatus Populisque RomanusThe Senate and the people of Rome
Lucius Tarquinius Priscus(tarquin the Elder) 5th king
lucious tarquinuious superbus(Tarquin The Proud) 7th (last) king
SextusRaped LTC's wife - led to overthrow of his father
Lucious Tarquinius ColatenusOverthrough the King Wife was raped
Junius BrutusOverthrough The King - One of first consuls
Publius Valerius PublicolaHelped overthrow the king
quintus fabulous PictorRoman Historian
VaroWritter - De Re Rustica
SiseroLawyer, Philosopher, Politician, Consull

Names 2

Question Answer
CrispusHated the Aristocracy - Plebian writer
Katohated latin - sister boned caesar
Marcus Furious Camillus : Dictator that saved rome from the Gauls
Cathago Delenda Est : “Carthage ought to be destroyed”


Question Answer
Paenomenfirst name
NommenFamily Name
CognomenAncient tribe name
tabula de albataImportant news and deaths
DilectusLevy new recruits - March
Laws of the twelve tablesfoundation of Roman law
decemviriCreated laws
ConsolsLeaders of Rome - 42
QuaestorFinancial affairs - 30
AedilesInfrastructure - 36
PraetorJudicial functions - 39
Tribunes of the Plebs27
LictorsMagistrate posse
SpotulaGift of money or food for the client

Terms 2

Question Answer
MunincipiaRoman contract - normally granted citizenship
Suffagiocould vote
Sine Suffragiocould not vote
Conubiummarriage with a Roman citizen
NobilesPlebean who held office "Novus Homo"
Humilioreshumble and poor
Pro PraetorPraetor of a certain province of Rome


Question Answer
Larariumshrinesholding a picture of your god
Saturnaliafestival similar to christmas - Slaves would be served
Pontifex maximushighest priest in charge of all Collages
HuruspexRead the liver of animals
Vestal VirginsFemale Priests
Auspusstudied flight of birds and chickens
DelphiMagna Mater (big stone) -


Question Answer
1st samnite warsome say is a myth
2nd samnite warit happened ok?
3rd samnite wardefeat of the samnites
1st Punic warBattle over sicily - straight of Messana - surprise attack carthage
SaguntumRoman ally leading to 2nd P. war
Quintus Fabius Maximus: Dictator - Guerrilla warfare - "The Delayer"
Question Answer
Battle of ZamaEnd of the second punic war
1st Macedonian WarKing Phillip - Peace of Phoenicia
2nd Macedonian WarPhillip tries to spread again
3rd Macedonian WarDefeat Perseus - Divide Macedonia into 4 regions
3rd Punic War: Numidia asks rome for help


Question Answer
Hamilcar BarcaGeneral for the cathaginians for the 1st Punic war
Hasdrubalsigned a treaty with the romans agreeing on spanish border
Publius Cornelius Scipiofought the second hasdrubal in spain and africa
AfricanusPublius Cornelius Scipio
MassinissaNumidian king
Titus Quintus FlamminiusGeneral that defeats Philip
PerseusPhillips son
Scipio AemillianusAfricanus's Grandson


Question Answer
VernaHome Bred Slaves
country slavestreated poly
city slavestreated well
Peculiumfund for freedom
Ctesippuslaundry matt slave - bought by a lover - given riches
Manumissionowner frees slave
Pilleusfreedom hat
Freemenfreed slaves

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