Roman Gods and Their Powers

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Question Answer
JupiterKing of gods; god of the sky
JunoQueen of gods; goddess of woman and marriage
NeptuneGod of seas and water
PlutoGod of the underworld and the dead; god of wealth
CeresGoddess of agriculture and the harvest
VestaGoddess of the hearth and home
MinervaGoddess of wisdom and tactical warfare; goddess of weaving and household arts; goddess of cities
ApolloGod of sun, music, healing, and prophecy
DianaGoddess of the moon and the hunt
BacchusGod of grapes, the vine, anccdzcdxc
VenusGoddess of love and beauty
VulcanBlacksmith god; god of fire and forge
MercuryMessenger god; god of merchants, theives, and spies
MarsThe god of war


Penis: God of sex

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