Roman Gods and Their Powers

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Question Answer
JupiterKing of gods; god of the sky and storms
JunoQueen of gods; goddess of woman and marriage
NeptuneGod of seas and wate
PlutoGod of the underworld and the dead; god of wealth
CeresGoddess of agriculture and the harvest
VestaGoddess of the hearth and home
MinervaGoddess of wisdom and tactical warfare; goddess of weaving and household arts; goddess of cities
ApolloGod of sun, music, healing, and prophecy
DianaGoddess of the moon and the hunt
BacchusGod of grapes, the vine, and wine
VenusGoddess of love and beauty
VulcanBlacksmith god; god of fire and forge
MercuryMessenger god; god of merchants, theives, and spies
MarsThe god of war


Penis: God of sex

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