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Question Answer
Nerva 1Set up Alimenta, Appointed Trajan
Trajan 2Optimus Princeps, Got rich from Datia
Hadrien 3Consolidated Rome
Antonius Pius 4Uneventful, perhaps climax of Rome, harmony, deified
Luscious Verus 5Based in Antioch, fought the Parthians
Marcus Aurelius 6Shared power, but had Pontifex Maximus
Commodus 7Fancied himself a gladiator
Severus 8Entered rome, led to the death of Didius Severus julianus
Lucius Helvius Pertinax 9Elected by the senate after Commodus, P killed him
Marcus Didius Severus JulianusWon Princeps by bid
Caracalla 10Made all inhabitants roman citizens
Macrinius 11Caracalla's PP, first emerer without a senatorial rank, Adopts the name Severus, negotiated treaty with Parthians
Elagabalus 12Marcus Aurelius Antoninus more interested in son god from Syria
Severus Alexander 13gave a lot of power to the senate, Negotiated with Germans (weak)
Aurelian 14Hand on sword, destroyed the Gallic empire, beat Zenobia, Abandoned Dacia


Question Answer
DiocletianHumble, weakened the P,
Maximianappointed by Diocletian, made co-Agusti after success in Gaul
GaleriusUnder Diocletian (east)
ConstantiusCaesar of west under Maximian
Diocletian and Maximian retireMaximin Daia (under Galerius) Severus (under constantius)
MaxentiusHad been ignored by his father, Convinces PP to support him
ConstantineProclaimed as emperor when Constinius I dies
Scholarii and Protectoresreplace praetorian guards who helped maxentius
Edict of MilanConstantine and Licinius express religious tollerance
Maximin Daiaafter edict of Milan persecutes Christians
Constantine and Liciniusdefeat Maximin Daia battle of Adrianople

Treatment of Christians

Question Answer
Constantine and MaxentiusStop persecuting Christians
Galerius and DaiaBrutal to Christians
Galeriusbefore his death issues edict of tolleration
Church rightsSue, take donations, hold property, enter into contracts

Constantine's lineage

Question Answer
Crispus, Constinius II, Constantine II, Constansmade caesars
Licinius IIMade caesar but disapeared
Constantine IIGaul, Spain, Britain
Constantius IIAsia Minor, the East
ConstansItaly, Africa, and the Balkans
Damatius and hannibalianusadopted nephews, killed by Constantius
Constantine II killedafter laying claim to Constans land
Constans killedGaul turn against him, Magnetius as emperor
GallusConstantius' cousin, executed shortly after
JulianGallus' half brother, unwillingly proclaimed emperor

Things and places

Question Answer
Second Jewish RevoltDistracted Trajan's expansion
Via BiberaticaTrajans Market
Third Jewish revoltOutlawed circumsition, Verteran colony in Judea
CtesiphonParthian kings palace was destroyed
InfectionKilled a fifth of Alexandria
Colonia CommodianaCommodus' new name for Rome
Condemned memoriesCommodus
Syria DevidedCoele and Phoenice
Aurelians wall12 mile log brick wall around rome implemented by Aurelian
Palace at Nicomediaset on fire, blamed on Christians

Things and places 2

Question Answer
Battle of Milvian BridgeMaxentius falls into his own booty trap
The dominantperiod begining with Diocletian's rule

Important figures

Question Answer
Bar Kokhbaprominent figure in the third jewish revolution
SabinaHadriens wife (Trajans Niece)
Lucious Aelius CaesarAdopted by Hadrien, dies within a year
AntinoosHadriens young lover, drowns
Quintus Lollius UrbicusConqured souther Scottland
Wall of AntoninusAbandoned shortly after Pius' death
Hadriens wallregarrisoned after Puis' death
Faustina the YoungerPius' daughter, Aurelius' wife
LucillaDaughter to Faustina and Aurelian, Wife of Verus, Assassination plot commodus
Gallic EmpireBritain, gaul, and Spain under Postumus
Mazdaismreligion of the Sassanid empire
Julia Avita MamaeaMother of Augustus, of the camps, of the senate, and of the fatherland
Decimus Clodius AlbinusTook control of Britain Gaul and spain under Severus

Important figures 2

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Gaius Avidius CassiusGovernor of Syria, won in mesopotamia, Proclaimed Aurelius' death and ruled
Sextus Tigidius PerennisPraetorian perfect who was lynched
Marcus Aurelius CleanderFreedman servant, influences Commodus, PP
Titus Flavius SulpicianusBid on Princeps
Gaius Pescennius NigerLegions in Syria elect - 10 Legions in all
Decimus Clodius Albinus3 British legions declared princeps
Lucius Septimus SeverusUpper Pannonia - 16 Legions in all
Septimius Bassianusrenamed Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (Caracalla)
Getacaracalla's brother, had him killed
Marcus Opellius DiadumenianusMacrinius' son, killed along with his father

Important figures 3

Julia Domna :14 y/o grandson was son of caracalla
Question Answer
Julia MaesaForced Elagabalus to adopt his cousin Alexander
Julia Soaemius BassianaElagabalus' mom
Elah Gabalsun god of syria
Julia Avita MamaeaSeveran Alexanders mother, bribed PP to kill Elagabalus and Julia Soaemias Bassiana
Domitius UlpianusJurist, PP but the praetorians turn on him
Julius PaulisJurist
ValerianEmperor that was used as a footstool by Shapur I
GalienusRuled with his father Valerian, failed to avenge his death
ValeriaDiocletian duaghter, galerius' wife
TheodoraMaximians step daughter, Conatius' wife